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School Auctions

Entertaining your audience and keeping them engaged is an important part of a successful school fundraising event, and Johnny B. knows exactly how to do that!   Johnny B. Auction consistently helps North Bay schools in meeting and exceeding their fundraising goals and records.

How does that work?  With detailed auction planning and consultation, Johnny B. knows how to read your audience and how to put on a show that gets your audience participating and bidding higher to attain maximum revenues.

Since no two school fundraising events are ever the same, Johnny B. knows how to be adaptable and is able to change styles and strategies in order to best suit your organization. This ability, which comes from years of experience and professional training, allows Johnny B. to raise more money and increase your profits.

Johnny B can facilitate in-person and/or simulcast school fundraising auctions for events held locally within Sonoma, Napa, Marin and San Francisco counties, and can also provide virtual auctions for events taking place throughout the United States. 

Sonoma, Marin and Napa County schools can rely on Johnny B’s unique ability to entertain school auction audiences and surpass fundraising goals. School auction planners and committee members can rest assured, knowing that they hired an expert school auctioneer  – someone they can trust to work with successfully with all people involved (administrators, parents & staff).

If you are based in the North Bay, in Sonoma County, Marin County, Napa County or San Francisco – and are looking raise more money for your school, then you need to contact Johnny B. today!


“The Marin School’s work with John Bessolo from Johnny B. Auction has exceed all of our expectations. Our spring fundraiser has been significantly more successful since Mr. Bessolo became our auctioneer.”

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