Why Should You Choose Johnny B. Auction®?




Gets REsults

Ensure a successful and profitable event

Have you ever been to a fundraising event where it didn’t go well?


  • the event layout didn’t allow for good visibility of silent auction items
  • the person conducting the auction tried to guilt the audience into donating and made the guests uncomfortable
  • or the process to get your items at the end of the night took forever.

A professional auctioneer can help you avoid these event faux-paus that distract your guests and reduce your fundraising potential. This is exactly why you hire Johnny B. Auction®, aka Johnny B.

As a professionally trained auctioneer, Johnny B. is a fundraising specialist, experienced in the art of benefit auctions, and who knows the ins-and-outs of live auction fundraising. Johnny B. is also a consultant for organizations before and after the event, bringing knowledge and value to your organization. Johnny B. is a bonded auctioneer, as required by California State law for all legal auctioneers.

 “Johnny B Knows How To Work a Crowd!”


An engaged and excited audience has a direct impact on your bottom line, because happy guests are bidding guests.

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"In fact, we now raise 33% more at the event than we did before John joined our event planning team."

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"Because of John’s new description, including a dynamic live testimonial, we raised 250% more on that single item!"

Entertaining your audience and keeping them engaged is an important part of your fundraising event, and Johnny B. knows exactly how to do that!  Johnny B. knows how to read your audience and how to implement the best strategy to get your audience participating and bidding higher.

Johnny B. has built a career on being able to work crowds and know the best practices of fundraising events. Since no two events are ever the same, Johnny B. knows how to be adaptable and is able to change styles and strategies in order to best suit your organization. This ability, which comes from years of experience and professional training, allows Johnny B. to raise more money and increase your profits.

If you are looking to entertain your audience, create a memorable experience, and raise more money for your organization, then you need to contact Johnny B. today!


“Johnny B truly understands how important it is for non-profits to get every dollar out of our fundraising efforts and takes our mission seriously. We are so glad to have him on our team!”


–Mariah Clinton, Producer at KRCB

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